Welcome to the Crestron Home OS 4 BETA Forum

The upcoming release of Crestron Home OS 4 is one of our most anticipated product launches to date. By collaborating with us during the final stages of development, sharing your skills and expertise, we can make Crestron Home OS 4 the best it can possibly be.

Before you join

By joining this BETA program, you are accepting our BETA program terms, conditions and Confidentiality Agreement outlined below*. Your inclusion in this program, including your participation in the forum is at Crestron’s discretion and can be terminated by Crestron at any time. The goal of all forum posts should be to provide constructive feedback to the Crestron Home OS 4 engineering team.

How to get started

This BETA requires a Crestron Home processor. The processor will be designated with a -R at the end of the model number, such as CP4-R.

Step 1: Click register and create your account. There are a number of requirements stated on the registration page, including your Crestron Home processor's MAC address, a simple description of your home setup and confirmation that you have a Crestron Home control system (all requirements are mandatory). Once you complete registration, you will receive your login credentials, providing you access to the site. Please check your spam filters if you do not receive an email.

Step 2: Login and then click Groups and request access to the BETA Forum Group. A member of the Crestron BETA team will review your profile and confirm your eligibility for the BETA program. If your access to the BETA program is granted you will receive an automatic notification that you have now joined the group. For instructions on how to update your Crestron Home processor, please navigate to the sticky post in the forums labeled “UPGRADING YOUR PROCESSOR, MOBILE DEVICES AND PANELS TO BETA FW”

Step 3: Once running OS 4, please use the forums within the BETA Group to post comments that relate to specific topics. Again, please keep all comments constructive.

The Crestron BETA team will be monitoring forums regularly to provide feedback and support where needed. We thank you for your on-going commitment and for collaborating with us on the further development of Crestron Home OS 4.

*By registering to become a Crestron Home OS 4 beta tester you certify, agree, and acknowledge that:
(a) You, or Your employer, have signed a Crestron Dealer Agreement or Crestron CSP Agreement;
(b) beta test software may be used/tested in Dealer/CSP homes and/or in Dealer/CSP facilities;
(c) beta test software will not be installed/used in any customer home;
(d) Crestron owns all feedback provided by You including all bug fixes, upgrades, updates, and improvements derived from said feedback;
(e) all aspects of the beta test software and beta testing program are the confidential information of Crestron and shall be held in the strictest confidence; and
(f) Your use of the beta test software is governed by the Crestron Electronics Software Development Tools License Agreement located at https://www.crestron.com/en-US/Legal/software-license-agreement.

Registration for this site requires an email be sent to activate your account. Please check your spam folders for this activation email.